Irresponsible Teens

To the editor:

When I first saw the story of the house fire on Graham, and how 12 and 13 year olds fled with their dog and their lives, I thought, how horrible. Just before Christmas to lose everything.

I can't even begin to use the words that I feel when I see the findings of why the fire started. And now to see a trust fund started up! For shame!!! These are underage youth, that were smoking. BREAKING THE LAW, last time I was in a store that sold cigarettes, I saw that it is illegal for anyone under 18 years old... so these children should have been playing with makeup or talking about boys, or dancing around with hairbrushes as microphones, NOT SMOKING!!!

I feel awful for the house's owner and his losses and what he is not left with. I feel horrible for the mother, as had I been these girls mother I would be pretty embarrassed right now. As a single mother this woman has enough on her plate with just feeding her children, let alone raising irresponsible preteens that have no regard for house rules or the BC laws.

I can think of a couple of handfuls of other families struggling to survive right now, that aren't breaking the laws, that aren't making irresponsible choices, that are more deserving of a "fund" then these children are.

Maybe this is a wake up call that this family needed, maybe now these girls will take value of the possessions they own, for the struggles their mother does for their well-being, for the value of others. Had these been my girls they'd certainly be out there with a paper route, or whatever after school job they can find to pay back the house owner for the problems they've caused for them. They'd also be spending all that free time they would have, that they used to use to smoke volunteering in the cancer clinic and burn unit, and see what their futures can hold for them if they continue on the same path they are currently on.

I'm thankful everyone got out safely, but this was no accident, it was sheer stupidity.


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