Put Aside Differences

To the editor:

I just wanted to chime in and agree with DE. And a Merry Christmas to you

Thanks for stating the obvious. I am also living my life as a non-politically correct citizen. I love all holidays but Christmas is by far
my favorite and I think it is because of the traditions.

Christmas concerts, Christmas carols, Christmas Trees, Christmas cards, -
not holiday cookies, holiday concerts.... That is ambiguous - you can have a
holiday concert for Easter! (Woops I should be careful before someone wants
to change Easter to Holiday Season #2).

My feelings are this - in North America the tradition is that December 25th
is recognized as Christmas and yes its origins are to celebrate the birth of
Christ but also to celebrate humanity and kindness - to put aside our
differences for one day. Please stop asking me to change my tradition/history.

If I move to China or Israel or a Muslim country then I would expect that
their holidays would be celebrated and I would either partake in them or
not. I would not ask that they change the name or the tone of their
celebrations because it is not part of my belief system. Part of the
uniqueness and beauty of Canada is that we are a tolerant society and
welcome all races/nationalities and beliefs but part of that tolerance
should also include allowing the already established traditions to continue
in co-existence and in addition to the new traditions.

So Merry Christmas to everyone - I hope that all our dreams and wishes come


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