Progress Won't Be Stopped

To the editor:

I had the privilege of attending a presentation by the people who are putting together the revitalized waterfront in our drug infested downtown. We should be thankful that they realize the potential of our city and valley instead of trying to stop progress, to say nothing of cleaning up the downtown area.

Why shouldn't we get private enterprise to patrol and scrutinize the ever deteriorating waterfront, which by the way, will be expanded not cut down in size. Not only the waterfront will be expanded but so will the public space(some 3 to 4 times). One look at the project will tell you that they have put the buildings together in such a fashion as to keep the line of sight to the lake from Bernard, Mill and Queensway far more appealing than it is now.

If to make the project work they need the height then why not give it to them? If we think that progress can be stopped, think again. Let's have progress properly planned and it will make us a world class resort destination that we can be proud of.

Vern Boehlke

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