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The necessity and the nature of addiction services in the Okanagan's biggest city was the topic of discussion among health professionals and counselors recently gathered to determine the fate of Kelowna's own Crossroads treatment center. New models of addiction and recovery were championed by local representatives, and IHA may now have a hand in what the future of Crossroads is likely to be.

Crossroads is a vital link between Kelowna's massive drug-addled community and the light at the end of the tunnel. The article to which I refer suggested that the future of the treatment center is sketchy, and that it may see its doors closed to addicts in need. Don't take this service away from people who need it.

Without belaboring the idea that the road to "getting clean" is a windy, meandering, nightmarish, unpaved, and difficult one, the Crossroads "link" provides many addicts with something as simple, yet vital, as someone to talk to when they need a caring ear to listen. Indeed, that was the one thing cited by an interviewed addicted youth that was the most helpful to him during the crisis of addiction and the hard way back to normalcy: someone to talk to who would really listen. And for those who have decided that they must go through with a real cleansing, Crossroads provides detox beds and an atmosphere of caring professionals. It allows a way for those who have chosen sobriety to get where they know they need to go, so they can become functioning, productive humans again.

Addicts make up a percentage of every community, and many people look on addicts as the "scum" of society, since they often represent the criminal and homeless element that many simply step over or scorn. Yet the fact remains. Addicts are here, as they are everywhere, and among that population, there are those who are trying to escape it. Don't we care about those people trying to escape it, at the very least? Where will they go once they've decided to get rid of drugs and embrace life? Many of them have nowhere to go.

Crossroads gives them a place to go, develops a common community of former addicts who all want to get clean, and provides that last outstretched hand to the drowning addict. I have experienced the power of healing at Crossroads.
Don't make me the last one.


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