Turning A Blind Eye

To the editor:

Having grown up in Vancouver and always working downtown, I've personally seen the downfall of East Hastings and the drug use and crime that this brings, all within 1 block of the police station. After living in Kelowna for 5 years now I can tell you first hand that Kelowna has single handedly managed to bring Leon Ave up to speed with Hastings & Main in Vancouver. Now city park has a problem? What didn't any of you get? Turning a blind eye to this has given you the current state of the downtown, expect it to get worse. To deal with junkies, you need to think like a junkie, quit trying to fix the problem, you eradicate the problem, imagine if you had cancer, would you treat it with creams & ointment? No, you will cut the cancer out! Ever think of power-washing the streets at 5am? That will surely take a number of them out so now the businesses that PAY YOUR SALARY will be open & without harassment.

Mission Gospel? What is the point making this convenient for the junkies? You, city council are solely the ones to blame for this. Take the license away, move it to a remote location. What are you afraid of? Homeless advocates don't have the funds to fight city council, and why worry anyhow, it's not like a junkie out there has been paying taxes, make it difficult for them.

Every Sunday morning I bike this city and I can honestly tell you that on the block stretch of clubs & the Mission I see at 8am enough drug deals going down to make me think I'm back on East Hastings in Vancouver. Does city council need input on how to deal with this? I would be more than willing to take a night and show you how to fix this, but first & foremost, you need to WANT to get rid the problem.


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