More Lawson Landing Debate

To the editor:

This letter is in response to John Zeger’s letter posted Dec. 13th addressing Lawson Landing and MoveKelownaForward.com.

As I predicted last week, Mr. Zeger has decided to continue his assailment on Lawson Landing and MoveKelownaForward.com. Mr. Zeger has stated that MoveKelownaForward.com is “little more than a local mouthpiece for Edmonton developer Phil Milroy”. I find it ironic that Mr. Zeger uses the term “mouthpiece” as he has, again, brought up the four issues that Phil Milroy has already addressed and I supported with facts in my last letter: the number of high-rises and their height and massing, the proposed sale of Kerry Park, environmental concerns, and the creation of more public space. I am definitely not trying to “draw attention away from the fundamental issues” as Mr. Zeger states. I just don’t need to repeat myself – these have all been talked about many times in the media and publicly addressed again Dec. 13th by Phil Milroy himself.

What I would like to address is the position of MoveKelownaForward.com. We do not support every development that is being, or is going to be, constructed in Kelowna. We have a directive of five points that we encourage of a developer. We like to see development that:

1. Proposes a mixed use, high density plan that creates a positive revitalization of an area and establishes a visionary precedent for future developments
2. Positively contributes to the economic and social welfare of Kelowna in terms of community services and recreation, new jobs, and economic prosperity that leads to the welcoming of new citizens
3. Works closely with the City of Kelowna to ensure responsible planning in regards to proper land use and allocation, affordable housing, demographics, etc…
4. Creates new publicly accessible green lands and water lands where possible and/or attempts to preserve present green lands and water lands and
5. Ensures continued preservation of the environment and considers environmental design concepts such as green roofs and geothermal heating.

The Kelowna public wants to voice their opinion regarding future development of our great city.

MoveKelownaForward.com is the medium for people and businesses of Kelowna to provide that voice.

And that’s a fact.

Tony D’Andrea
Public Relations
Ensuring the “YES” has a voice.

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