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To the editor:

My opinion regarding the word marriage.

With all of the hub bub over the definition of the word marriage - I wanted to put in my two cents worth. Firstly "marriage" is a word, just a word people, and I really think we give too much power to words, after all we all know that actions speak far louder than words. For all the proclamations of the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.....it leaves me wondering why then is our divorce rate so high?

As far as I am concerned the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman went out the window a long time ago. It is my belief that marriage means the union of two individuals in love for a life long commitment. The former letters I have read on Castanet proclaim that the word marriage is being used incorrectly when speaking of unions between gay and lesbian persons.

The word marriage has been used to describe a variety of situations...eg. "he is married to his job" or "by marrying the two flavors we have created a third."

Why is it we can use the word marriage to describe a variety of unions until it is used to describe the union of a homosexual couple? Then all of a sudden the word is special, virtuous and is to be protected. There is an endless supply of men and women who abuse their marriage but yet they are still allowed to say they are in fact married....is that not blasphemous?
To me it is far more important to love, respect, support, cherish and be faithful to your partner (regardless of their sexual orientation)..... than what word we use to describe the beauty of the union.

Laura Hillman

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