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To the editor:

It seems to me that the term Marriage has been molded into an entity it was not intended for. To me the term marriage, means the union of a husband and a wife, not a wife and a wife or a husband and a husband.
I even destroyed my brain at dictionary.com to find the true meaning, and to my conclusion it suggests that I am 100% correct.
This does NOT mean that these people don't deserve the equivalent, but perhaps named different. I suggest we create the word GALESCE because it has the short form of gay and lesbian in the context and is part of the word coalesce which means unification for those who aren't word buffs. They could have the same legal status and same rights, but there is a definitive difference between Marriage and Galesce. This would mean that ONLY gay and lesbians can be Galesced. Different unions need different titles. Just like different types of cars have different names. If I told you I drove a car it would mean nothing, if I said it was a Ferrari
F50 Spider then you can see the obvious value.
I also think the gay community would appreciate the value in their own unions and customs.


Ben Cloutier

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