Letter: Poor Enforcement

To the editor:

Sometimes you have just got to wonder about our local RCMP.

Some of their publicity releases are too funny for words. Like the latest P.R. report.

"Police issued more tickets in the first 3 month of this year than all of last year" So?

Perhaps they didn't issue many tickets last year. Judging from the horrendous accidents, deaths, and we are now told "the dangerous high speeds of drivers," have the RCMP been doing nothing for the past year?

Quite possibly. The high speeds didn't just happen.

The RCMP are also quick to point out the cost of a fine if a driver exceeds the speed limit by 40 KMH.

Does this mean it is OK to exceed the speed limit as long as it is not by more than 40 KMH? Even though most speed limits in Kelowna are 50KMH, as mandated by the Motor Vehicle Act, many motorists drive 80 and 90.

Judging from the speeds being driven, in Kelowna, a big part of the problem is with poor enforcement by the police.

Let us have more action and less talk, which means fewer press releases advertising the "flavour of the month"

-Paul Hesketh

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