Not Enough Turn Signals

To the editor:

Two major problems come to my mind, the first is that there definitely are NOT enough left turn signal lights at major intersections in Kelowna. They should be at most intersections along the highway.

The second is that people here don't seem to understand what yield or merge means. Most stop and then take a look at the traffic coming but in these peoples defense, I've witnessed MANY times that people do not make room to let people merge into traffic smoothly, they find it offensive that someone should want to merge in front to them.

The best example of this is at both ends of the bridge, heading south bound, I've personally experienced rude drivers refusing to let cars merge smoothly into traffic as well as north bound. Especially north bound, everyone should be filling in the left lane, not just the right, and then merging one by one into the open lane.

It boggles my mind why people here don't understand that. I don't have an engineering degree but it makes sense to me to create more turning lanes on the Hwy and to educate drivers on merging to create more of a traffic flow through the city.


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