Letters: Amazed At Support

To the editor:

The Conservative leadership race is over. After more than 5 hours of registration, voting, waiting, and repeating the entire process, the counting is done, and Mr. Schmidt has come out on top. While taking part in the whole process, I could not help but be totally amazed at the support and dedication from our senior community.

I stood in lines several times and had many opportunities to talk with these special people. Many of them had arrived at 5:00 in order to register early, therefore missing their dinner. The speeches began at 7:00, with the first vote just before 8:00. Throughout the evening, there were at least 5 times when there was a need to stand in long lines, not to mention the crowds of people to work one's way through and the confusion of trying to keep on top of what was going on. This went on until after 10:00. I am totally impressed with every one of you who stayed right until the end. I am tired after it all, but not nearly as tired as you must be! You certainly did your part!

-Karen Glanz

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