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Re. Christopher Hamer’s letter It’s not about generations (Castanet, My 22)

Christopher Hamer wrote a very wonderful letter not blaming Baby Boomers. I am a Baby Boomer.

Baby Boomers stop already—leave the subject alone. We all need to stand together as his letter suggests, and stop finger-pointing. Being the older generation, we should read what's in these letters and work with all the younger generations.

One letter said it is all the fault of our grandparents, Get real. My grandparents were wonderful people who lived a modest life on modest incomes all their lives. They did not live nearly as well as a lot of the Baby Boomers did, in large houses with cars, etc. Things were easier in the “boomer” times with more job security, reasonable house prices etc.

Today's economy is tough. The cost of living is higher in all aspects and there are fewer vacancies, plus numerous other things.

Boomers, quit blaming and start helping. Also, for goodness sake, be grateful for your good fortune. You don't automatically deserve it just because you worked hard. A lot of us worked hard and still don't have near what some of you have.

We're only on this earth a short while and people are living longer and longer. Boomers are going to depend on the younger ones to take care of them when they are older and care aides do not get paid enough to do all that is expected of them.

Please stop complaining and try to honestly look at the economy from all angles - stop blindsiding yourselves. Stop being defensive and start providing a good example for the younger people.

Beverly Ryder

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