Don't blame others

Can't find a job? It must be the fault of those greedy corporations, even though virtually every company in Canada is currently hiring.

Can't find a place to live? It must be Airbnb's fault, even though the feds allow hundreds of thousands of people into the country each year.

Can't afford groceries? It must be Loblaw's fault, even though federal and provincial policies have driven up inflation and interest rates with huge, unnecessary deficits every year.

Can't afford your taxes? It must be the Baby Boomers' fault, even though the feds hired 100,000 (33% more) new federal employees over the past eight years.

Can't afford to fill your vehicle’s gas tank? It must be the nasty oil companies' fault, even though carbon taxes and regulations are going through the roof.

How about this? How about no one blames their neighbours anymore? Finger pointing and looking for scapegoats never did anyone any good.

The world has never been in better shape (in spite of current economic lunacy by the Canadian government). Education opportunities have never been more plentiful. Jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities have never been more lucrative. Worldwide poverty is at its lowest level ever. Food has never been more varied and abundant. Fatal diseases have never been more controlled. Our standard of living has never been higher and consumer goods have never been more affordable.

Get on with your life. It will be whatever you make of it, regardless of who came before you and regardless of what anyone else does. Some ‘boomers’ got lucky, yes. Others, not so much. Who cares?

Remember the quote from (tennis player) Arthur Ashe: "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

Lloyd Vinish

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