Finger pointing

We need to stop pointing fingers. “Boomers” aren’t to blame for the failings of our society.

Having said that, I’m going to be do just that—point fingers. We are blaming the wrong people.
It is failed policies that have gotten us into this mess. Year after year, our government keeps taking a knee to big money and big business.

Instead of investing in people—our lifeblood of society—we allowed big business to rule over this country for far too long. It has at the point where young and old have become disillusioned, disenfranchised or even scarier, both. We need to stop playing the blame game and come together and sort this out.

What are the major crises humanity are facing? There are lots, and we don’t have a solution for any of them. It’s so disheartening. Instead of both sides sitting down at the table and coming up with a viable solution, it’s far easier to distract us by finger pointing.

All I want is a future where we don’t have to worry, where my contributions to society will allow the next generation to take over and be ambassadors for the generation after that.

We are capable of such greatness, yet we fall so short because of our ideologies.

Justin Serhan

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