In defence of 'boomers'

Re. James Carter’s letter Boomer to blame (Castanet, May 17 )

Regarding James Carter’s letter - grow up and own your own problems.

We are not here to spoon feed you and I think you are past the age of needing your diapers changed.

No generation is perfect, and we own problems as a society. We should solve them together, constructively, and with a lot less finger-pointing and the blame game. That is the way of our (current) prime minister. We can, and should all do, better.

I won’t say what I think about the generations after the Baby Boomers, nor will I run through the long long list of credits to the “boomer” generation.

“Boomers” buy more electric vehicles than any other generation in Canada, including me.

Let me know if you want to compare taxes paid by generations. It’s not even close to what we (boomers) pay.

Shawn Thomas, West Kelowna

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