Thinks vaxx led to deaths

Re. Frank Chute’s letter Puzzled by deaths (Castanet, April 22)

Mr. Chute has noticed quite a few (people have) died "suddenly,” according to published obituaries.

I too have been an obituary watcher for many, many years—15 to 20 years.

These numerous sudden deaths have been only happening since early 2021. You can check it out by manipulating the years as you scroll through the obits. I've done so, as I too noticed there were quite a lot, and I found it strange. I've even tracked the numbers since July 1, 2021 and I can tell you it is 684 people, both young and old.

Why is that happening? What have we done differently since early 202?

His last last two paragraphs of letter tells us what changed.

Perhaps "safe and effective" isn't really all that safe? And effective? If one must keep getting boosters, I would say it's not very effective.

Why only since 2021? Why not at the start of 2020, when we had this (“COVID-19) “plague" hit us?

P York

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