Disability benefit rollout

An open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Thank you for the progress, albeit tiny, on a federal disability supplement. But what were you thinking? Did you not think it would be perfectly obvious that the disability benefit rollout has been done on the backs of the disabled, with full knowledge of the consequences?

Logically, it should be very simple. Using the CRA, anyone whose history of filing indicates provincial disability benefits and falls within the income threshold is automatically approved.

But no. It would cost too much too quickly. So, rather than do the right thing, someone who has already gone through a difficult process to obtain their disability status and benefits, must go through the same difficult process again. And let’s not even talk about how long that can take in our current health care disaster.

It sounds to me like you are committing a human rights violation. Failing to recognize a citizen’s disability status, which has already been vetted by the medical establishment and recognized by a province or territory, would seem to be a clear case of discrimination against those who are already struggling to survive.

Fix it. Do the right thing. Make life easier, not harder.

Garhen Avalokiteshvara

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