Upset at council and traffic

Once again, I need to thank (Kelowna’s) mayor and councillors for the job they have done. It sure does warrant their 35% pay raise.

Now we can’t even travel in the city from point A to B because there are so many detours. It’s impossible.

Once again we are dealing with bike lanes being put in. Can the (riders) not go to the numerous trails throughout the city, or should we mess up all the roads so two vehicles can hardly pass each other?

Maybe we should put bikes lanes on Harvey as well. That is probably the next plan. The traffic in the city is horrendous. (Kelowna) was once a beautiful city where you could actually drive and enjoy the sites. No more. Just get in your vehicle and try to be patient for the two to three lights before you can move one block.

Thanks to the mayor and councillors for yet another job well done. Enjoy your raise.

Dianne Dueck

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