Climate change not priority

Re. Michael Laurin's letter Challenged on carbon tax Castanet, April 5)

A letter writer recently challenged the facts presented by me in a previous letter, so I wish to respond.

(Conservative Leader) Pierre Poilievre, when directly questioned about his plan for emissions and climate change, stated “Our election platform will deal with all these issues”. He will not commit to the Paris Accord emissions targets.

With the Conservative leader’s attempt to suspend the carbon tax, it is therefore easy to assume climate change is not a priority to him and the Conservative Party has, as of yet, no plan to combat climate change, which I believe should be the top priority of governments.

It can be attributed to either misinformation or disinformation to state it is not true contributors in eight provinces (the ones participating in the federal carbon tax) will receive more than they contribute. This is a fact and was confirmed on numerous occasions by the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

I don’t believe people really care that the overall impact on the economy might end up costing more.

A typical comment from the “well-to-do” is, “Why penalize the wealthy”?

Why? Most wealthy people do not work hard all their lives to accumulate wealth. For the most part it is either inherited or by have well-paying jobs that leave money for investment. That is not the average Canadian.

With automation and AI, job-availability has gradually been reduced, rather quickly in the past few years. So, who is getting rich at the expense of those who are losing their jobs? The rich get richer because they have money to invest in firms that use advanced automation and AI. They make money on the backs of labourers, so they rightly should have to reimburse, to some extent, the people they have made jobless.

That is why I support increased wealth taxes, increased corporate taxes, and increased inheritance taxes.

“Pierre Poilievre will fix everything.” LOL. Poilievre will continue to cater to corporations and the wealthy and will continue to fool people into believing he cares about the working people of this count.

Just review his record when it comes to unionized workers, the backbone of our economy, along with small businesses.

Patrick MacDonald

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