'Fed up' with drug use

Re. Drug use zone in hospitals (Castanet, April 11)

There are people receiving treatment in hallways in B.C. hospitals. We can’t keep emergency (departments) open in many communities. Hospitals are overrun with patients because the only option to see a doctor is to go to the emergency department, yet the current B.C. government thinks it’s now necessary to provide a space for people to use their drugs in hospitals.

It’s not good enough that people can use these drugs freely out in public, now we need to give them a special place at hospitals?

What’s going on in this province and country? Frankly, I’m fed up with all of this. We should not provide a space for drug use at our hospitals. We should not allow open drug use on the streets.

There is a fundamental problem in this province and country. Our communities are crumbling right in front of our eyes and all of this is being spearheaded by the current NDP government.

Lukasz Jarawka, Victoria

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