'Car rally' complaint

For the past several years, on Wednesday nights there has been “car rally” on the Capri Centre parking lot, off Gordon Drive near the A&W restaurant (in Kelowna). Hundreds of young people gather with their Japanese imports and motorcycles, the majority of them having no mufflers (on their vehicles) and backfiring features as they speed up and down Gordon Drive to a cheering crowd of young juveniles.

Some will stop in front of the A&W and do “burnouts” while traffic has to come to a stop.

Local residents have called the RCMP but there is very little or no attendance by the police. Officers who do show up do virtually nothing. If there was any enforcement for noisy vehicles over the years, there wouldn't be so many of them gathered. The RCMP and Kelowna by-law officers have issued virtually no violation tickets over the last five years for muffler violations.

The Capri Centre management is responsible for allowing this to occur on its property. Send your comments and concerns to Kelowna RCMP operations manager Richard Brown at [email protected] or Kelowna mayor and city council at [email protected]

Rob Clarke

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