Advocates 'tough love'

Re. Drug use zones in hospitals (Castanet, April 11)

Was it still April Fool’s Day or was I hallucinating when I read special areas will be set up for people to take illicit drugs in hospitals?

They can also leave the hospital for six hours and will still have their bed. I guess they are not that sick.

If you are a smoker, then too bad for you because smoking rooms were banned years ago in hospitals. They will just put a (nicotine) patch on you and you are fixed, unless you are able to get yourself outside (to smoke).

Also, I wonder what we will do next for the unhoused? We already provide some with tents and tiny homes, drugs and food. Maybe the government should start worrying about the majority of the population and what we need, rather than on a minority that costs us money and (I feel) contributes nothing back to society.

Try tough love rather than enabling them. Enough is enough. Let’s get real and look after the families and seniors who are suffering. Maybe give them some help.

D. Kalyta

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