Won't go downtown

Re. Frustrated by street disorder (Castanet, April 9)

I am responding to a recent Castanet article that quoted Lana Jean McConnell, “a self-described big mouth.”

We need more of this “big mouth” stuff going in regard to the homeless camps, open theft and drug activities in open sight for all of (residents) to witness everyday.

This is vagrancy, unlawful behaviour and there are laws to deal with it. What the heck is going on that there cannot be a strong arm on the situation and the criminality of it all? It is utterly disgusting.

I want to use the Okanagan Rail Trail (in Kelowna) to bike on but I don’t feel safe to do that. The rail trail was created for that purpose, not for homeless camps.

Do I visit downtown Kelowna? Not so much anymore. I won’ttake my granddaughter, myself, friends or my sons (who grew up here) down there. It feels dirty, with drug activity everywhere any time we have been there.

(Drug activity) is disgusting and open, as these individuals feel safe in their activity. Why is that?

Come on City of Kelowna, let’s find solutions that address the problem.

Heather D. Honke

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