Bikes are not the answer

Re. Bill Watson’s letter Bikes are the answer (Castanet, April

I don’t know what fairytale reality (the letter writer) lives in, but this is Kelowna.

The concept of “bikes everywhere, for everyone” sounds great, in theory. However, don’t be so quick to go out and invest in a brand new bike unless you plan to never get off of it in this city.

The City of Kelowna loves to spend money on advertisement videos promoting green transportation, which includes, of course, bikes. I find myself shaking my head every time I watch them, as they are promoting the city in what appears to be the most selective and out-of-touch manner.

These advertisements do not show a typical stroll in downtown Kelowna, or anywhere in this city, for that matter. I need not elaborate further on this because we all know what I’m referring to.

To summarize, as long as drug use and crime is left unchecked and without consequence, I know I will not be opting to invest my money in one of the most commonly stolen items in this city (bicycles).

And, to those considering it, I would strongly suggest asking yourself who is going to foot the bill when you come back to an empty bike rack, because it certainly will not be the province or the city.

Taylor Lindquist

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