Dogs on beach an issue

Re. Dogs running free on Okanagan Beach in Penticton

(Dogs) are running out of control and their owners are irresponsible. (The owners) do not pick up the dog poop and do not care if their dogs chase the ducks and geese.

This kind of behaviour cost Kevin the Goose his life. He was attacked by a dog off leash, running loose on the beach. I see this happening all the time and city bylaw officers drive right by and do not even care.

I have had these dogs growl, bare their teeth and bark at me when I have been water walking and have witnessed bylaw officers drive by.

So, what has to happen? Must a person be seriously mauled by a dog, or worse, a child? Or maybe some more wildlife deaths, perhaps?

I emailed city council and the reply was (the city) is going to look into it. I have also called the bylaw department too many times to count. This is crazy and it is happening right in front of our eyes. It is just a matter of time until a innocent person, enjoying their day on the beach, gets badly injured.

Shame on the bylaw department for not doing it job. Shame (the politicians) for not doing the job we elected them to do.

I asked before, please show us how many tickets were issued for dogs running loose on the beach but have received no response. The simple answer is none because the people who are supposed to protect us are not doing their jobs.

I for one will not forget come (municipal) election time.

Brian Kettle

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