Concurrent jail sentences

(I feel) our Canadian justice system is out of step with the expectations of the public.

Unfortunately, (in Canada) we do not elect judges. They are appointed with no public consultation.

What recently caught my attention is the pervasive use of concurrent sentences. If there is no incentive to limit your crimes, then why not go all in. If the sentence for killing 10 is the same as one than eliminate all witnesses.

Also, lately there seems to be a huge increase of crimes being reported that are committed by someone arrested but released on a promise to appear or out on bail.

A complete of the justice system overhaul is warranted.

Gord Marshall, Kelowna

(Editor’s note: In 2022 the Supreme Court of Canada invalidated the consecutive sentencing provision introduced in 2011 that gave judges discretionary powers to hand out consecutive, 25-year blocks of parole ineligibility periods for multiple first-degree murders.)

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