Electoral reform and recall

(I feel) our Charter of Rights and Freedoms is being quickly ignored and stripped from all Canadians, and our federal election will be upon us very soon, and all parties will be canvassing for our votes, it is long overdue to enact a electoral reform

In order to protect (Canadians) and not (just) government and big business, it is time for Canadians to demand this from every MP and MLA. Every Senator needs to be told to implement this for the sake of Canadians. So write or phone the MP in your riding and demand electoral reform be implemented

I have read that Pierre Poilievre, the leader of the federal Conservative Party, is not going to implement electoral reform, (if his party is elected to government) and that is sad to hear because I believe, like many Canadians this needs to happen. It has been so obvious Canadians need protection from the very few people who are elected by the people for the people, not for politicians, and certainly not for big business,

According to the Canadian encyclopedia, electoral reform is the process of reviewing and reconfiguring the structure of electoral politics, the way in which voters elect their representatives.

It says in Canada, electoral reform has historically occurred through reconfigurations of electoral ridings, or the extension of the right to vote to previously disenfranchised groups of people.

Attempts have been made to change electoral systems on a number of occasions, at both the provincial and federal level. The matter was of specific interest throughout 2016 due to the (federal) Liberal Party’s pledge during the 2015 federal election campaign to enact reform by 2019. However, the Trudeau government abandoned that in February 2017, citing a lack of consensus on the issue.

It’s pretty obvious that (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau didn’t want to implement electoral reform, (I feel our) rights are being stripped away and it will only get worse

Canadians also need the power to removal and recall any politically elected person from federal, provincial and municipal office.

Gerard Foley, Salmon Arm

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