Inclusive process needed

I am writing to express my disappointment with the handling of the housing crisis, particularly regarding the upcoming regulations on short-term rentals.

The current approach lacks balance and fails to consider the economic impact on small businesses and the tourism industry.

By imposing strict regulations without considering the impact on small businesses and tourism, we risk harming the very industries that contribute to our province's growth.

Kelowna is one of several municipalities in B.C. whose economies depend heavily on tourism. The new legislation risks Kelowna’s entire economy. The numbers are staggering, as tourism is a major driver with over two million visitors annually, $2 billion in revenue, 13,000 jobs, $440 million in direct spending on local businesses and $240 million in tax revenue.

I urge the provincial government to reconsider the regulations and engage in a more collaborative process that involves all stakeholders. Let's find a balanced solution that addresses the housing crisis while supporting our local economy, particularly in cities like Kelowna, that rely so heavily on tourism.

We need a more inclusive process that includes municipal governments, chambers of commerce, small business owners and tourism representatives. By working together, it is possible to find a well considered, inclusive solution that addresses the housing crisis while supporting our economy and preserving our tourism industry.

I hope all parties can work together to find a balanced and effective solution to the housing crisis.

Ed Graydon, Kelowna

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