Suggest tax revolt

All governments—local, provincial and national—of all political stripes, just don’t, and won’t, get it.

Stop taking all of our money and giving us less for it. Our taxes are at record levels but name one service that is better. They take more and more and more of our hard-earned money, but annual deficits and compounding debts are all at record levels.

It is a broken system (and) a broken country. Whatever happened to the contract between citizens and governments—we will pay our fair share, and they will manage it well and provide needed services in return

I honestly don’t believe they get it, or want to get it and more and more Canadians are starting to think seriously about not paying our taxes anymore—a tax revolt.

If I was paying a business money in return for a service or product and they failed to deliver, it is an enforceable breach of a contract

It’s time we started to look at our taxes and our governments the same way. Put the fear of God into them that if they keep it up, we won’t pay.

Shawn Thomas, West Kelowna

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