Show a detailed plan

Re. Lloyd Vinish’s letter What Poilievre shouldn't do (Castanet, Dec. 7) and Patrick McDonald’s letter What would Poilievre cut? (Castanet, Dec. 5)

There were two seemingly opposing letters published by the Castanet last week, but upon closer inspection, the pro-Liberal and pro-Conservative letters asked exactly the same question.

Anti-Liberal Lloyd Vinish asked "I am certainly not a member of Poilievre’s inner circle, but what things might he cut in order to balance the budget?" His counterpart, Patrick McDonald in his original letter asked, "So, what will Poilievre do to balance the budget? What, exactly, will he cut? "

This is the point. Where are the details in the Conservatives’ plan concerning to balance the budget while eradicating the unpopular (federal) carbon tax? The more intense their criticism, the more confused we all seem to become.

Show us the plan—unless, as many assume, there is no plan. Why? Because we've asked to see (a plan) for years and because we've seen this all before. The lust for power supersedes sensible, detailed and critical thinking.

We should all demand constructive criticism and not vote for those who make demands without (a plan). What have other countries come up with? Not much.

Ian Skinner, Keremeos

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