Not worth bragging about

Re. RCMP hand out 119 tickets (Castanet, Dec. 7)

A recent Castanet story reported the Kelowna RCMP wrote 119 tickets last month—92 for speeding and 27 for cell phone use (while driving).

The entire traffic section wrote just four tickets per day? Really? Are those numbers worth bragging about?

How many were written for tinted drivers-side windows, which are completely illegal but incredibly common and must utterly terrify cops approaching a stopped vehicle? How many tickets for stupidly loud vehicles? How many tickets were written for goofy illegal trucks, jacked up beyond 10 cm with idiotic wide tires and no mud flaps? I guess you can't ticket people for bad taste on that last one, but still.

All of these things are illegal, yet we see no enforcement whatsoever.

The Kelowna RCMP superintendent recently unveiled her next multi-year plan, and part of it is supposedly focused on improving road safety.

It’s time to get busy, RCMP. And don't brag about your numbers just yet.

David Crawford, Kelowna

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