Provincial interference

We are allowed to wonder what is happening inside our premier’s head.

(David Eby’s) recent decision to adopt and implement what best could be described as “sardine-can” zoning, in response to (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau’s disastrous and uncoordinated immigration and housing policies is beyond bizarre.

While we can all appreciate the supply and cost of housing is out of control, it does not give him the right to arbitrarily decide what we can do with our land that we own fee simple, let alone over-rule and re-write our Official Community Plans.

Ruling that municipalities across B.C. automatically must allow four units on land that's about 3,000-square-feet, and six units if it’s also near transit, is incomprehensible.

Like all other politicians, Eby is a democratically elected “public trustee,” and has absolutely no mandate to make any decisions regarding land-use.

He is the premier of our province, elected to serve and protect our rights and our properties. Nothing more and nothing less.

Andy Thomsen

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