Police B.C. ports better

Re: BC port security

Is it just me or does anyone else see the sheer, monumental stupidity of all levels of government and their inaction regarding the inadequate policing of B.C. port facilities?

Castanet has carried stories (mostly from city councils and police) about the non-existence of proper policing a number of times— BC mayors object to unpoliced ports (Dec. 4), Delta Police chief appeals for port police (Nov 20), Delta mayor sounds alarm over ‘rampant’ crime at BC port, as expansion looms (Sep 28).

We have a severe drug crisis. We have stolen-car trafficking, money laundering, foreign agent infiltration, human trafficking and the list goes on and on. Taxpayers pay through the nose to address homelessness and hopelessness, the direct and indirect effects of street and organized crime.

We are bombarded with gang violence, street violence, serious and petty crime, businesses boarding up because drug-fuelled maniacs and so on.

Mu question is, which comes first, the mental health issues because of drug addiction or the drugs that cause the mental health issues? There’s a lot of money to be made supplying the poisons that kill our people but the importers and big dealers never seem to suffer. The street dealers and middlemen pay minimum penalties for murder. Society is the end-victim.

Haven’t we all heard the fentanyl crisis is really, really bad and if we can solve that, our society would be much, much better off? Or opioids? Meth? Heroin?

Here’s an idea, police the ports. Stop playing nice—stiff policing, stiff prosecution, stiff seizures and stiff sentencing. You can’t catch everything but you can at least try. The situation reminds one of New York in the bad old mafia days, when gangsters ruled American ports, unions, the police etc.

Get in touch with your MPs and MLAs. Demand action. Police the ports. Stop the import of the garbage that is destroying our way of life.

Gary Lynch

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