What would Poilievre cut?

(Federal Conservative Leader) Pierre Poilievre has two main priorities, to balance the budget and get rid of the (federal) carbon tax.

Why hasn’t Poilievre been asked what he would cut to balance the budget? Anytime the federal budget has a surplus or is balanced, it is because the federal government has taken money out of economy, which always leads to a depression or a recession.

So, what will Poilievre do to balance the budget? What, exactly will he cut? Will he gut government agencies, as (former Conservative prime minister Stephen) Harper did?Reduce transfers to provinces? Cut the tax-free child benefits? Reduce employers’ contributions to CPP and EI? Increase the retirement age to 67? Give further tax breaks for high-income earners (as Harper did)? Cut children’s dental benefits? Reverse the tax-free increase to GIS? Reverse the increase to CPP for those over 75?

Before one casts a vote, remember (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau and the Liberals were the only ones to cut taxes for the middle-wage earners and increase taxes for the wealthy. If you think the Conservatives could have handled Covid (pandemic) finances better than the Liberals, think again. History shows otherwise.

As for the carbon tax and climate change, Poilievre has repeatedly shown his thirst for power far outweighs his concern for the planet and future generations. Sadly, he has support. How will you, and he, explain this to your grandchildren?

It is apparent Poilievre doesn’t understand the concept of sovereign currencies or modern monetary theory.

Patrick MacDonald

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