Scanning recycling a waste

Re. AI to scan your recycling (Castanet, Nov. 27)

This is perhaps the most useless and impossible program to enforce I have ever heard about.

A truck will pick up your stuff and then take a picture, and if there is contraband, (the Regional District of Central Okanagan) will mail you the picture and a warning. The next time it will be a fine. Lawyers in our city—I am not one—must be rolling around their offices in laughter concerning enforcement.

We probably have at least 100,000 bins picked up every two weeks. If 2% of residents made a mistake, that's 2,000 people who could get a ticket monthly.

You have rights to fight tickets in court. I would suggest (many) would. I would.

"No, your honour, I did not place that item in my bin, someone else must have done that.”

“I put out my recycling at night because it is easier, as I am a senior.”

“Are you are telling the court your throwaways were actually unwatched for 11 straight hours?”

In order to be ticketed there must be proof, such as with speeding with speed cameras or the police following you. If there is a stolen car in front of your house, they cannot charge you and say you are guilty. Proof is needed. If you walk by a fire, you can't be charged without evidence you started it.

We know our courts are overrun. Does our court system need another 2,000 people per month because we either made a mistake or someone else tossed in their old paint can? It is tough enough for residents today. We do our best. Everything cannot be stopped by the mighty electronic world or AI.

Take the money for this program and the staff needed to run it and start doing what residents actually require, want and need.

First deal with shoplifting, drugs in parks, bus stop beatings, park beatings, people screamed at by the homeless and increased gang activity. When those are all solved, then have a look at the tiny home idea for the homeless. That will never work either.

Our residents who are homeless need help with dignity, not living three units away from people with a complete different set of problems. Within three months, (I believe) some will make the tiny homes uninhabitable because of garbage, urine, old food, fece and outdoor fires.Then the rats will arrive.

The drug addicted and those with mental health issues on the street need help. (Tiny homes) will solve nothing.

Ken Warren

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