Unhappy Kelowna resident

Re. Mayor’s holiday greeting (Castanet, Dec. 4)

I am writing in response to (Kelowna Mayor) Tom Dyas’ Christmas greeting letter.

The one phrase that sent me reeling in his greeting was “looking for the quiet beauty of our surroundings”? Mr. Dyas, what city are you living in? I have yet to experience any “quietness” in the past few years. On almost every corner there is another unnecessary luxury condominium or a multi-story building being built. None of which is affordable housing. Noise and congested traffic is everywhere.

I invite all Kelowna (residents) to come down to Casorso Road to see what more than $4 million of our tax money has been wasted on. A wondrous so-called "bike corridor.” What genius thought up that construction project? The residents in this part of town have lost all enjoyment of the past summer. The beeping and constant noise and dust and dirt was everywhere. Construction of this disastrous roadway started in July and was supposed to end in September, but it is still going on.

I have seen four cyclists so far on this road— two riding on the sidewalk and two riding on the roadway. No one can make sense of this useless project. What a waste of our taxpayer dollars.

And (the city) want to raise our taxes yet again? It better think twice about that. I would like to see an account of every one of our dollars spent on useless, uncalled for work done in this city. Someone build a road somewhere where a car can get through without hitting a post or cement barrier for goodness sakes.

I so regretted having (former Mayor Colin) Basran as our mayor and I am sorry I voted for (current Mayor) Tom Dyas. Nothing has changed in Kelowna. It has only gotten worse.

Don’t tell me if I don’t like it to move. I am 79 years old and need my doctor. But believe me, if I was younger, I would not hesitate to relocate from this homeless haven (Dyas) calls a quiet beauty of a city.

L.A. Ross

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