Garbage bin placement

Re. Garbage delays possible (Castanet. Dec. 1)

Sorry, this makes absolutely no sense.

I live on an arterial road with a sidewalk and a bike lane. My neighbour and I share a driveway that's about half the width of the one shown in the photo (with the article).

The article says don't block the sidewalk, bike lane or roadway. Put bins on either side of your driveway, three feet apart. My driveway entrance is about 15 feet wide. This strategy would effectively block my entire driveway once my neighbour and I put out our four bins.

To not block the road, bike lane or sidewalk would put my bins six to eight feet away from the road, fully blocking my driveway. I'm not sure how far the arm is on those trucks but that seems to me a bit of a stretch.

When we have an accumulation of snow—as is often the case at some point in the winter—there is a snowbank filling almost the entire bike lane.

If I followed the advice of the Regional District of Central Okanagan, as expressed in the article, there would literally be nowhere for my bins, ever.

I will continue to put my bins where I have for the last 12 years, thank you—wheels against the curb, in the bike lane. If there is a snowbank there, that go on top.

Jeff Frank, Kelowna

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