Opposed to deer, wolf culls

If people can't be sympathetic about our deer and wolf being culled, maybe they could question why, in these financially hard times, is our government spending millions on a wolf cull and $6 million culling deer.

Parks Canada would, you’s think, be protectors of our wildlife. It is using special helicopters and pilots who can fly at night (and doing this) at a time when the public is suffering financially and are paying the penalty for carbon emissions.

If you care at all for the deer, what about those (shooters) who don't get a clean shot and (leave deers) wounded and suffering for the rest of their short life.

When I was hanging off a rock wall for 12 hours after a climbing accident, there were no helicopters were available that could fly at night, so the rescue took additional four hours. The Search and Rescue specialists, who I am deeply grateful for, performed an incredibly long and challenging rescue.

Fiona Coupland, Okanagan Falls.

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