Crack down on homeless

I fully support building some mini homes for the homeless, assuming they are located away from residential areas, popular tourist areas and schools etc .

They should consider two camps, one (that allows) hard drug free. Drug addicts do not get along well with non-drug addicted people. As a landlord, (I) can attest to the fact drug addicts need to go through successful rehabilitation and the violent ones need to be incarcerated. The ones with serious mental issues need to be in care home-type places.

Non-drug addicted homeless should get lots of help in terms of employment and permanent housing .

Also, (Kelowna) should bring in large fines for anyone giving money or food to the homeless in any non-designated area. All donations should be given in (only) those designated areas. Panhandling should be outlawed, with extra enforcement for panhandlers standing in middle of busy streets on centre medians.

If there was a large fine for people who give money or food to the homeless in non-designated areas, (panhandlers) would likely learn not to bother panhandling .

The city needs to bring in bylaws to stop public hard drug use in areas like parks , near schools, in front and beside businesses etc . Public hard core drug use is horrible for our tourist industry.

Kelowna also needs to get tough on any camping and loitering in non-designated areas.

People need to call police to remove the homeless from any private property they have no right to be on. Patrols are needed to move them along in non-designated public areas. I see (the homeless) taking over bus shelters all the time and see them doing hard drugs, urinating, defecating, fornicating, exposing themselves and leaving behind large amounts of garbage, dangerous needles.

There is the constant fire hazzard as they light up their tents and cardboard shelters and, often, light up neighbouring structures, buildings and dumpsters.

It’s time to get tough. It’s time to act. Tourism is major business in Kelowna and businesses, homeowners and other residents deserve a safe city.

Allan Brown

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