It happened to him too

Re. RCMP damage ‘devastating’ (Castanet, Nov. 30)

My heart goes out to Christine Allison in Hedley. Years ago, while living in Armstrong, BC, I returned home to find a window smashed in, all the cupboards, shelves, dresser drawers, closets, etc. emptied, all my possessions strewn across the floors, numerous items damaged and dirt and mud everywhere.

I phoned the local RCMP detachment and reported being broken into. The officer on the phone asked for my address and, after a short pause, responded "Oh, that was us." When I asked why on earth they would do that, he told me they were "looking for your guns".

I have never had guns, don't use guns and have no interest in guns. I told the officer had they bothered to knock on my door, I would have let them in.

To this day, I have never received an explanation, compensation or an apology. I sincerely hope Ms. Allison and her family have the tenacity to pursue this matter, receive both compensation and an apology, and that the officers involved get both a dressing-down and full retraining in civility, responsibility and culpability.

I suspect that what Christine Allison and I have both experienced is the norm and not a deviation from what should be accepted policy.

Shame on the RCMP.

Mark Levey, Enderby

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