Bike lanes praised

Penticton is the 28th most livable city in Canada (out of 439 cities) and third overall for young professionals, according to a weekend feature article in The Globe and Mail.

Victoria was voted the No.1 most liveable city in Canada.The bike lanes in Victoria were praised in the headline as one of that city’s amenities that helped propel it to the highest rank.

I’m quite perplexed about what’s going on with some of our own (Penticton) city council members. Why have four of the seven members of council not only voted against the continued development of safe bike lanes, but have even muzzled their own ability to discuss the further development of safe bike lanes in our city for the remainder of their term in office?

Who knew providing safe bike lanes would be so important to the livability of a city. But, apparently not some of our council members.

Maybe it's time for some professional development on building better city infrastructure.

William Laven

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