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Re. Dangerous dog attack (Castanet, Nov. 27)

Sometimes dogs deemed to be dangerous by Regional District of Central Okanagan are indeed dangerous. The pictures of Astro leave no doubt about the seriousness of the injuries he suffered.

Although I no longer have a dog, I am still interested in how complaints about dogs are handled in the regional district.

In the article, Astro's owner stated that was the second aggression by the dog that attacked Astro. What was that first incident? Did it result in the dog being deemed dangerous? Other dog owners, not just me, would be interested in details about the first incident and how RDCO dog control dealt with it.

If the identity of the attacking dog is known for certain, I hope the owner has, by now, reimbursed Astro's veterinary costs, incurred at an emergency rate after hours.

The dangerous dog designation is for the life of the dog and the annual license fee (for a dangerous dog) is $500. It's important information dog owners should have as it could help them take preventive measures.

Helen Schiele

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