NDP should reconsider

The federal NDP made its support of the federal Liberal government (in part) contingent on setting up and implementing a comprehensive federal dental plan.

Dental care is getting very expensive. Without insurance, a filling can run you $500. Most of us, who are not blessed with a lucrative pension, can’t afford another monthly premium for limited, deductible-ridden dental plans.

Other elephants in the room are vision care and insulin and/or supplies. None of those should be considered luxuries, and not having good access to them is detrimental to one’s health, safety and enjoyment of life. When one has to pay out-of-pocket for these services and supplies, the tax deductions allowed from taxable income are ridiculously low.

An easy way to reduce the constant devaluing pressure on our fixed incomes would be to allow the full amount paid for these services to be deducted from taxable income, including carry-over from unused amounts.

I am still trying to figure out why vision-correction surgery is considered “cosmetic” surgery. Good vision should not be just for the wealthy. Consider how many traffic accidents could be prevented by treating vision problems. Glare from modern vehicle lighting is particularly bad. All the options are very expensive on a limited income.

Meanwhile “safe supply” is steadily coming to reality (and I believe) drug addicts in our society seem to have more value than the people who have worked and paid taxes.

The NDP is not doing a good job of calling-out the federal Liberals on this and need to withdraw its support unless some progress is made.

Andrew Kiesewetter, West Kelowna.

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