Upset at private parking fine

Since moving to Kelowna, I have been rather overwhelmed by the Vancouver-like craziness of the traffic here. Away from (Kelowna) for 20 years, it is not what I expected to see.

There are many, many more neighbourhoods, (some) good-looking and (some) not so good-looking, but very few new streets were added over two decades. New construction is everywhere and it’s very hard to find numbers on many of the new complexes, buildings and streets, while zigzagging through construction sites.

On top of that, while the city imposes a $35 fine for a parking offence, which nowadays seems like an acceptable if regrettable expense, I found out that when one is parked wrongly on a Diamond Parking lot, the fee is $80, plus an extra $31.50 if not paid within 10 days. I thought most reputable companies give people a month to pay but not(this company). Legally or illegally, they take pics of cars without finding out what is going on.

I'm amazed the city allows this kind of over-the-top ticketing by a large company, as we all sometimes make a mistake when in a hurry or are in an unfamiliar area where you can’t find the right building for a serious appointment. Yes, punish with a fine, but $80? I believe these parking lot (companies) should not be allowed to impose such hefty fines. But welcome to Kelowna!

For other newcomers, (this company) is contracted by SaveOn foods, Tim Hortons and others in the lower Mission and by Safeway on Bernard Avenue. It may be elsewhere too with its patrolling cameras.

Patrollers take (photos) of your vehicle, or a vehicle that looks like it, as it’s a very blurry picture.

I believe Kelowna residents deal with enough pay parking all over the city nowadays and $80 for a (first) mistake is very unwelcoming and unreasonable.

M.M. Mulder Key, Kelowna

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