Four-year immigration ban?

Re. Guy Bissonnette’s letter Reduce Immigration (Castanet, Nov. 16) and Thomas James McClusky’s letter Stop all immigration (Castanet, Nov. 24)

I agree with the two letter writers about their thoughts with respect to Canadian immigration.

There is no doubt it must be stopped as Canada is not in the financial position to handle this without debt.

I think at least a four-year hold on immigration is reasonable for “unqualified” people, after which the federal government will need to start making better decisions on immigrants.

Of course, we need them to fill thousands of jobs. That is easily understandable.

The most important detail of immigration the necessity (for immigrants) to speak English or French. We cannot afford to bring in people who are unable to communicate. It takes a couple of years for most people to effectively

understand and speak either of our official languages, and longer for people who use different alphabets.

A five-year process for skills and language is not acceptable for Canadian taxpayers to fund.

Kenneth Warren, Kelowna

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