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Re: Ian MacLean’s letter Not a Poilievre fan (Castanet, Nov. 24)

Mr. Maclean that is giving us all the rhetoric. (Federal Conservative Leader) Pierre Poilievre speaks the truth (with) no distortions.

It is (Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau who has been at the trough too long, as his “MO” is to divide and insult Canadians. Poilievre is not trying to look and act like Trudeau, as is suggested in the letter. Why would anyone in their right mind want to do that?

To suggest that high interest rates, high unemployment, high food costs are solely a global issue is untrue. These are things that happen when governments spend like drunken sailors and the money supply is in abundance. Printing more money causes your dollar to buy less, puts us all into more debt and fuels inflation. It’s economics 101.

To suggest Trudeau is squeaky clean, while admonishing the (former prime minister Bran) Mulroney years is quite misleading. How many ethics violations has Trudeau been found guilty of? No, Mr. Clean is certainly not our prime minister. Come on now!

And, to correct Mr. MacLean on when interest rates were the highest at 21% to 22%, it was Trudeau’s dad, Pierre who was prime minister during that time (from 1980 - 1984.)

I’m not suggesting Poilievre is without flaws, but he has been consistent in his political views and beliefs. He wants all Canadians to succeed and to be able to afford to live good lives without the crime, without the high cost of living, without the next-to-impossible cost of housing, without the stifling of free speech, without the “wokeness,” and to end the “dictatorship” known as Justin Trudeau.

Our country needs a new direction and I believe Poilievre can provide that.

Duane Arthur

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