Wants B.C. to 'axe the tax'

Open letter to B.C. Premier David Eby

The carbon Tax in B.C. will not change the Earth's temperature at all, but it will change the cost of living for everyone because it is a compounding (effect).

From a treat to a potato, it will be recharged at every level of manufacture to the store and directly to you as you drive to buy, or look at, (goods). For your new furniture, think of a chair, table, bed, dresser or shelf (made of wood) from the tree. Think of a bag of potato chips, a container of potato salad or a bag of potatoes or french fries at the grocery store or at a restaurant.

Please axe the tax. It is hard for us seniors on pensions who are now way behind (because of) the last three years of inflation on everything with energy being the driving force, which went up more than 100%.

In the last month, it has settled down to a 50% increase from three years ago.

Our pensions did not get anywhere near a 50% increase.

Gord Currie, Chilliwack

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