Society president responds

Re. Fireworks strike moving car (Castanet, Nov. 17)

As president of the Okanagan Sikh Temple and Cultural Society, I want to express my grave concern and disappointment about the use of fireworks on the festival of Diwali, near the Gurdwara on Rutland Road (in Kelowna).

The use of fireworks had nothing to do with our place of worship, nor do we approve of it. It was a group of revellers who showed up with fireworks. We asked them not to light any crackers and when they didn’t obey, we asked them to leave the Gurdwara property.

They proceeded to light the fireworks outside our property leaving a huge mess. We do not condone such behaviour and, in fact, the congregation is very upset with the actions of a few (people).

Going forward, we hope to engage with (city) bylaw officials to prevent such behaviour. We also intend to have security on site for next (year’s) Diwali to dissuade such activity.

We want to be good neighbours and will always obey the rules. This was so wrong and we will not tolerate such activity.

Paramjit Patara
Okanagan Sikh Temple and Cultural Society president

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