Supports carbon tax

I find it of great interest, and somewhat amusing, that the (federal) leader of the Opposition (Pierre Poilievre) was in B.C. for his cross country “axe the tax” rallies.

As a MP for 20 years, he is well aware there is no federal carbon tax in B.C. We have had our own carbon pricing since 2008.

We grumble from time to time but never an out cry to abolish it until now, as we know a price on pollution will change behaviour and our carbon footprint as we continue to fight climate change. This past year proved our fight needs to continue.

All (Poilievre) is doing is ramping up rage against the federal government, whom he continues to blame for every ill that has befallen us, whether it is actually directly responsible or not. He is just trying to stoke misplaced rage and get votes. That is my opinion.

It will be up to Premier David Eby to make any change to (B.C.’s) carbon pricing and not the federal government. It has been reported carbon pricing will bring revenue of $3.4 billion to the provincial government this year alone. If the tax is removed, that will be a huge hole in revenue for the government for services to B.C. People need to understand that.

For the rest of Canada, if the tax was removed, revenue along with the rebates people receive (would also be lost), so people would be worse off. (There would be) no extra money for food or rent.

I encourage people to be informed before jumping on this reckless bandwagon.

Carole Kormendy

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