Stop littering Kelowna

Please stop shamefully discarding waste on Highway 97, especially in the beautiful downtown of Kelowna.

It was only in July that I moved to the downtown area and I’m so disappointed with Kelowna locals and tourists, specifically those using the highway between Richter Street and Gordon Drive, who discard their waste.

At the beginning of the summer, the street had minimal garbage upon it. At the end of September, I finally decided to take it upon myself to clean up the terrible waste, as it was continuously blowing across the road and into my yard.

I am so very disappointed that in only one block of Highway 97, between Richter Street and Ethel street, I picked up an entire large trash bin of litter and (other) gross waste. Most of the litter was styrofoam from large electronic purchases, plastic wrap and packing foam, which made it very clear it was, in fact, (people in) the higher income bracket who were shamefully discarding their waste— and an extremely large amount of it.

After I spent the entire afternoon cleaning up the street, a university student tossed a binder into the street, causing its contents to cover the median and, of course, all of the (nearby) residences.

Please refrain from using downtown as your garbage dump. It is a disgusting, shameful, and lazy habit.

We are so blessed to have city garbage trucks, which conveniently pick up our recycling from our residences. How would you feel and react, if an entire large city garbage bin of waste, was dumped onto the street where you live? Please show some class. Take your litter home with you and dispose of it properly in your residence’s blue recycling bin.

Heather Gellately

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